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This is the entertainment industry website, IAM.com,  featuring IAM artists globally.  We feature Actors, Athletes, Dancers, Illustrators, Musicians, and Writers.  If you have what it takes, then please get in touch!  


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IAM Actors portray characters in theater, radio, television, and film. They employ a number of techniques in their roles to convince the audience of their credibleness.



IAM Athletes perform in various sports. They may meet strict training and nutrition requirements. Ultimately, an athlete performs live as an individual or as part of a team displaying physical feats of speed, strength, dexterity, endurance, and strategy.



IAM Dancers engage in performance art that envolves sequential body movements matched with music in time. Dancers, audiences, and cultures recognize many different dance styles.



IAM Illustrators bring a visual picture to their audience. They work in a variety of physical media, like watercolor, airbrush, ink, and deliver valuable content to advertisements, cartoons, graphic novels, and books.



IAM Musicians play a musical instrument and create aesthetic sounds in sequence with time. Musicians and their listeners recognize a number of different styles of music. Musician roles may also vary such as instrumentalist, vocalist, band leader, producer, and singer-songwriter.



IAM Writers use the written word to convey their message to their audience. Their deliverables include poems, articles, short stories, and novels. A writer might be a poet, novelist, news reporter, play wright, screen writer, speech writer, or critic.


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Personalized Global Website 

We provide website design for all IAM artists. We will design and build your 1 page portfolio website. This is your visually appealing global internet address establishing online credibility and advertisement that is accessible online 24/7. It is a great tool to get well-connected to your audience! Ready to get started?


We offer artist promotion through campaigns, flyers, media kits, and electronic press kits. Get the professional artist promotion that will get you to the next level. If you need promotion, then you need IAM.com.

Web-based Email 

Get a professional email address. Build customer loyallty and fan trust with your name, performance moniker, or band's name with an "@iam.com" email. Show that you are serious and professionally organized with web-based email accessible on the go from anywhere.      

Social Media 

Your social media posts are critical for increasing your audience's brand awareness.  We create branded images, educational posts, infographics, memes, and call to action posts. Management and posting are  extra services available at extra costs.  Our primary platforms are Instagram and Facebook. 

Artist Development 

Creating and implementing plans for artist skill development and marketing to your public profile.  We help you tackle the mysteries of the entertainment industry.  How can you grow a larger fan base?  How can you earn an income from your art? 

Strategy & Planning 

With our Business Strategy & Business Planning Services, we can help you to define your vision, write a professional business plan, create an actionable roadmap.  Don't succumb to the old adage "those who fail to plan, plan to fail."   

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